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I was born in Budapest in the sign of Aquarius. A random encounter determined my music career. I was six years old when I saw a small accordion through the window of a paper stationery shop, which I really liked. /This relic was kept by my mother with love until her death/.

As far as I remember my family helped me with money in addition to my saved forints, so I could buy a small instrument where I tried to copy music which I heard on the radio. Surprisingly I learned so fast so my parents started to look for a music teacher. My first teacher was Maria Simorné who was an organist of the St. Emeric Church. She was the one who teached me the basics to play a piano and whom I learned to read and write music.

Initially, my parents didnt afford to buy a piano for me, thus lack of a better, I practiced drawing keys on a kitchen table. Later, some neighbors in our street allowed me to use their old pianos. With this help no longer present in the initial difficulties. I owe eternal gratitude to my father who saved his money for four years to buy me a used upright piano in good condition. This opened the possibility to be more serious in music learning.

At the year of 1960 I went to a music school, and got admission for the third classes for piano, and beginner for accordion. Many pleasant memories remain me, what studensconcerts we made in the theater hall. It would be a long list to write down how many pianists to learn from over the years.

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  • Karafiáth Orsolya -
    Táborosi játékát hallgatva én is átérzem, hogy a zenének milyen ereje van. Még akkor is segít, ha csak tíz percünk van, amíg a kávénkat megisszuk.
  • Székely Ilona, 168 óra
    A bátrabbak csettintenek és dudorásznak hozzzá. Aztán jön a Kecskebéka felmászott a fűzfára és Gershwin Kék rapszódiája. A Szomorú vasárnapot ő sem hagyja ki. Hatalmas ováció, bravó Pisti! felkiáltásokkal!
  • Székely Ilona, 168 óra
    Egy este feltűnt neki, hogy az egyik asztalnál különösen figyelik játékát. Ránki Dezső vacsorázott épp ott egy koncert után a feleségével. ``Egészen szépen zongorázol`` - lépett hozzá a művész. István erre a mondatra a legbüszkébb. Meg arra, hogy Bartók Péter,. a zeneszerző fia egy eredeti Bartók-concerto-kéziratot ajándékozott neki.

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